22 December 2004

about modcentric

MODCENTRIC = Looking at the world through the rose-coloured glasses of 60s culture and style

Modcentric was just a word I thought of one day as a title for my personal (now defunct) website in 2001. I was mugging History and 'Ethnocentrism' was a word that stuck in my head. Apt, since I put my love for all things 60s at the center of everything!

The 1995 Beatles Anthology tv series made me a Beatlemaniac, but my fondness for 1960s Singapore music began a few years later when I discovered that my late granduncle, Sonny Bala, was a 'band-boy'. Ever since then I've been on the hunt for records by his band: "Sonny Bala and The Moonglows". I haven't been successful yet, but along the way I've found vinyl records by other 1960s Singaporean acts. So I started buying them (if they were cheap) and researching. I share information so that (I hope) our musical past is not forgotten by the digital generation today or in years to come.

Modcentric was also part of the curating team for 'On The Record: Homegrown Bands Then and Now', currently on display at library@esplanade. Mod-ified Music has been featured in Digital Life and BlogTV.