23 January 2005

here i go gushing

I just saw Serenaide live at the Esplanade. Happiness!! They sounded just as perfect as their cd. Indie pop at its coolest. And they looked pretty spiffy too in thier matching preppy outfits. I am so in love with them. I didn't bring my camera, cos whenever I bring my camera to gigs I always get too stressed over taking photos and miss out on savouring the music. Not that I take fantastic pics anyway lah. Ramble ramble since it's past midnight and I'm dead tired.

Ok, next Serenaide gig: 5 February @ Esplanade outdoor theatre. They'll be performing with Mocca, which is another excellent band... they're from Indonesia. My daily planner is marked, and so should yours.

Serenaide's cd is available online at their label, Fruit Records. These guys are extremely reliable, and I got a bunch of free stuff eg. stickers, etc when I ordered my copy of 'The Other End Of The Receiver' off the website.

Try Serenaide if you like...
1. Indie eg. Rialto/Pulp/Suede, The Smiths
2. Brit pop eg. Ash
3. Hum-worthy melodies

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