29 March 2005


Ivy - Be My Baby

Dominique Durand's soft, accented vocals (she's native Parisian) turns this cover version into a beautiful yet haunting lullaby. My favourite track of Ivy's fourth album, Guestroom. Ivy, by the way, is Adam Schlesinger's other band besides Fountains Of Wayne. You can't pinpoint their 'type' of sound. In some of their earlier albums, you could tell that Ivy's sound is as different from FOW's as can be - more lounge in feel, with Guestroom as a good example. However, their new album, In The Clear seems a lot poppier and radio-friendly. Either way, the band has a knack for writing (or arranging, in the case of Be My Baby) strong melodies that stick in your head.

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Shaun Wong said...

this is the shirelles original is it? If it is, it was also covered by John Lennon on his anthology box set. That version frickin rocks.