18 June 2005

fete de la musique

Tonight's musical evening at Alliance Francaise was a weird mix of varied genres. It started off with Moods, a band whose guitar and bass section rocked, but vocals sounded very muffled. It didn't help that the singer just stood stiffly there singing with her eyes closed. Luckily their set wasn't too painfully long, maybe cos I was psyched up since up next was Serenaide! Whee. I was expecting the auditorium to be at least half full, having seen their crowds of supporters at the Esplanade before, and especially considering they were featured in ST Life! just yesterday! But that wasn't the case, though the band put up a good show nonetheless, even without their violinist and keyboardist.

Serenaide - Sofa series (15.5 mb AVI file)1min clip

And yes, there were bands that did sing in French! Though I missed them as I left in the middle of the next act - this strangely popular cover band. I endured their No Doubt and Michelle Branch covers but left before they started on Kelly Clarkson.

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