27 July 2005

the quests

The Quests can be considered Singapore's greatest pop group. Their instrumental, "Shanty", was the first original pop composition to hit No. 1 in the Singapore charts. And their LP, 33 1/3 Revolution, was Singapore's first stereo album. Although primarily known as an instrumental group, they did record songs with vocals, utilising two different singers over the band's history. "The Dancer" is sung by Vernon Cornelius.

The Quests - The Dancer


spikedcandy said...

Great song - and love their picture!

Anonymous said...

I missed this, could you please post The Quests? TIA

Anonymous said...

Have heard some of their songs. Anywone has more pics of them? Their old records now still sell but at high antique prices. I hear their lead singer Vernon is still very much actively performing, and continues the band's tradition of excellence. Anyone with more info of them!

thanks, and cheers,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your tribute to the greatest Singapore/Malaysia (we were part of Malaysia for a while!) band of the 1960s, "The QUESTS"! There have never been another group like "The Quests" and probably never will be! Many bands and singers have come and gone, but more than 40 years on their names are still on the minds of many! Vernon Corenlius, their singer still rocks and rolls today, not only on the Singapore stage but elsewhere too from Jakarta to Hong Kong, carrying on the superb tradition of the "Quests". They are the true remaining icons of the 1960s, we called them teenage idols then! Thank you.

Ewen Cheng - Singapore