08 August 2005

5 days of Beatles covers - Day 1

When it comes to songwriting, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the masters, and no one comes close. You can tell how good a song is, when it can be covered by someone else, and still sound great. Provided at least, the same arrangement is used... unlike that disturbing sample of Bobby Vinton's Mr Lonely in Akon's latest hit.

So this week, it's a tribute to the songs of Lennon and McCartney. Tunes previously recorded by the Beatles, reinterpreted by artists around the world.

Danielle Denin - Quand tu m'embrasse (I'm Looking Through You)

Lovely cover of one of my favourite Beatles songs. Besides this song, Danielle also covered 'Michelle'. If anyone has this track, do let me know! I'll love to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Hello & bravo

Very good one !

It seems tou are fench.
I'm not sure so i write it in english.

I'll try to list all the cover of the beatles made by french band or singer. (the list below)

I ll be pleased if you Just send me a mail with all the one you got.
May be after we can exchange some mp3

Just tell me

Greetings fom sunny Paris

Dj Alfred Hitchcock magazine
Laboratoire de recherches scientifiques sur la fête

- - - -

all this song are beatles's cover made in france

I got those.

- Maurice chevalier - le sousmarin vert
- les surfs - adieu chagrin (there's a place)
- Moka - heres come the sun
- Sylvie anne - Un tours dehors (day tripper)
- The Torero Band - Eleanor rigby (instrumental)
- Les Lionceaux - Je te veux tout à moi
(I wanna be your man)
- Starshooter : Get baque ! (Get back)

I Didn't have them for the moment, But i will.

- Sylvie Vartan - Twiste et chante (Twist and shout)
- The Torero Band - Please please me (instrumental)
- Fr David - il est plus facile (strawberry fields)
- Fabrice (la classe, rtl, etc) - les garçons sont fous
(think for yourself)
- Les Lionceaux - Quatre garçons dans le vent
(A hard day‚s night)
- [??? ]- Monsieur le facteur (Please Mister postman)
- Dick Rivers - Prends un ticket avec moi
(Ticket to ride)
- Dick Rivers - J'en suis fou (Love me do)
- Stone - Le jour, la nuit (You won‚t see me)
- stone - seul (norwegian wood)
- Johnny Hallyday : Je veux te graver dans ma vie
(Got to get you into mylife)*
- Johnny Hallyday - Quand je l‚ai vue devant moi
(I saw her standing there)
- Franck Pourcel : Penny lane (instrumental)
- Les Soundtracks : Ce soir c‚est ma fête (Birthday)
- Bruno Lorenzoni : Ob la di ob la da (instrumental)
- Bobby West : A hard day's night (instrumental)
- eddy mitchell - le fou sur la colline - (fool on the hill)
- les compagnons de la chanson- le sous-marin vert (yellow submarine)
- Richard Anthony - I should know better
- Michelle - par ???

- - - -

modcentric said...


thanks very much for this list. i don't have many french beatles covers (just enough to last 5 days) so i'd love to trade. i'll send you an email.

oh i have sylvie anne too - it's a great cover! =)