14 August 2005


Singapore's indie-rock pioneers The Oddfellows were formed in 1988, with their name taken from the REM song "Oddfellows Local 151". Their first single "So Happy" from their debut album, 'Teenage Head' topped two radio charts.

According to Kevin Matthew's article in Audioreload.com:
"The significance of Teenage Head goes way beyond mere sales figures and statistics. It opened a path for local musicians - one that led to more local music and albums. It also established in the minds of the public, the concept of the local "indie" band. For the aspiring local musicians it was akin to watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show or listening to the first Velvet Underground album in terms of impact."

The Oddfellows - Foggy Daylight

I think The Oddfellows' sound is very reminiscent of REM and such 80s college-rock bands. Guitar-driven, yet melodic and extremely sing-along. Foggy Daylight is a really good example. I can play it non-stop on my iTunes and not get tired of its chorus!

Their compilation "Bugs and Hisses" can be purchased here. It's a compilation of rare tracks, previously unreleased material and live bootleg recordings.

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