26 August 2005

sonny bala

In an interview published in 'Legends of the Golden Venus', comedian/musician Siva Choy (I'll feature some of his work sometime soon), spoke about a local singer who left a lasting impression - Sonny Bala.

Sonny Bala "was a brilliant guitarist, technically. He was the sort of guy who would play a standard like "Misty" and do a chord solo instead of a single note solo. But when he played rock 'n' roll, he sang from the bottom of his guts. Tremendous power in his voice".

'Is It True' is an original written by Sonny Bala, who performed with his band, The Moonglows.
Sonny Bala and The Moonglows - Is It True

Please excuse the lousy audio quality on the track. Their records are quite obscure now, and I've been finding it difficult tracking down vinyls of the band!

Singaporean bands rock till today! One main difference though - less covers, and more originals. Check out Small Fry Podcast - the sound of Singapore's independent music.

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