08 October 2005

mod Eyes

The Eyes were a short lived UK Mod band. They had a knack for writing strong originals, but record company pressures led to their releasing cover versions as singles, and originals relegated to the flipside. In 1967, the band was approached by Philips to record a Rolling Stones tribute album, released under a pseudonym The Pupils Tribute To The Rolling Stones.

All you need to know about The Eyes here.

The Eyes - As Tears Go By

A very mod-ified version of Jagger/Richard's ballad.


spikedcandy said...

That's fantastic. I hadn't heard of The Eyes until I had a recent request for one of their songs, which I tracked down and now love (and will post soon).
I've got soulseek open nearly all day at the moment, but haven't seen you online (except just briefly before my PC crashed).

guapo said...

I like it. It`s certainly an improvement on the original!