15 November 2005

louise cordet

Louise Cordet - god-daugther of Prince Philip! Like Gillian Hills, she was from UK, but sang for both British and French markets. So it's fitting that I post two songs:

Louise Cordet - Que m'a-t-il fait?
Louise Cordet - I'm Just A Baby

Biography on Ye-Ye Girls Website.
More Louise Cordet trivia.

Someone asked where to get The Trailers on cd. Purchasing information taken from Fancy Mag's The Trailers article (a must read! it's the liner notes for the cd):

...a comprehensive collection of the Trailers music, The Trailers: Singapore Pop 60’s, on Golden Venus Records. The CD includes 20 tracks, liners notes and photos. To get a copy, send $20 to: Joseph C. Pereira, 13-78, Blk 226, Pasir Ris Street 21, Singapore or purchase online: Wolfgang Volkel mailoder at http://www.w-voelkel.de/

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