30 December 2005


Ariane - Les petits mots d'amour
Ariane - Tu voudrais que j’oublie

Lots lots of Ariane's photos/cover art here (site in Japanese).
Ariane on The Ye-Ye Girls website.


Davecat said...

Ariane is truly an undiscovered treasure. Thanks for the post! 'Tu voudrais que j’oublie' is gonna get some heavy rotation for a while. :-)

modcentric said...

glad you enjoyed it! i had that song on repeat for quite a while too.

guapo said...

I love the crude garagy production on that first number!

Bruno said...

Great stuff! as usual... ;)

strbt said...

i love ariane dombasle . ice cream ice cream. lol. great site. im from malaysia.