04 December 2005

Los Tammys

Los Tammys - Cantar Con El Corazon

A mid-60s beat band from Argentina. There's a lot of Beatles influence in their sound. A bit like The Beatles' "I Should Have Known Better", don't you think?

I found this track on The Ultimate South American Psychedelic Garage Beat. A nice find! There are quite a number of links on this site (some broken), and the files are hosted on GeoCities, so regular downtime is expected... but it's worth the trouble navigating! If only there were more information about the bands!

It's December! My favourite time of the year. This makes Mod-fied Music a year old, and I've had a fab time sharing my love for music with everyone. Thanks to everyone who've emailed me, or left comments! To celebrate this holiday season, I'll be posting Christmas songs in the column at the right.


QQF resident said...

I'll be looking forward to more Christmas songs :)

spikedcandy said...

great stuff! love the xmas songs idea. one thing - i could only get the gillian hills song to work by changing the file name to a .mp3. It's saving as index.php. So some people might not be able to get it to work.

modcentric said...

thanks for the heads up! i changed the link for the Gillian Hills mp3. should work better now!

Anonymous said...


if someone wants to share music from the 60's...