13 December 2005

modcentric is broke

Available on Quite Quite Fantastic is one of my mixes! This is one of my favourite music blogs, and it's easy to see why once you've downloaded and heard the rest of the mixes done by the QQF resident, or the other contributors. There's bossa nova, jazz, lounge, pop, and everything in between. It's all quite quite fantastic. And once you've been inspired, send your mixes in, because the QQF resident welcomes more contributors!

I went on a vinyl record shopping blitz today, and pumped up my Singaporean Sixties collection (though admittedly it wasn't much to begin with, not like this guy's collection. I lust after his picture sleeves.) So yes, you can expect more Singaporean rarities. I'm currently recording them to mp3, but it's such an ardous process!


QQF resident said...

Thanks for the kind mention. Did a little pop shopping myself today, but didn't find nearly enough - and the CDs I bought come with a 20 degrees celcius (or more) requirement...

Want to say I look forward to the rarities you mention.

Bruno said...

Yay more singaporean sixties!!!! :)

Skunkeye said...

Great collection on QQF!
You know I went to high school in Kuala Lumpur - I'm sure there's a lot of good Malaysian period pop - I wish I had been more proactive then about collecting - this was the early nineties! I used to score some great vinyl for dirt cheap- tucked away in the music shops of the less fancy malls - but it was all UK stuff.
Keep up the great site!

modcentric said...

hi skunkeye, thanks for the comment!

actually it's the same situation here. most of the vinyl I've seen in second hand stores here are UK stuff. so ironically it's harder to find Singapore/Malaysian 60s vinyl nowadays, than say, The Beatles or Herman's Hermits! quite frustrating!

Skunkeye said...

Just a little bit of esoteria you might appreciate - there are various varsions of classic sixties bands living in and kicking around SE Asia.
For examples, I've experience different line-ups of clasic period ensembles, the Platters for example- with the obligatory original token members - at private parties and nightclubs in Manila and KL!
for some reason or another the sixties, well, nostalgic, sound has taken a hold in these areas and still maintain enough of an audience to support a lifestyle abroad - in tropical climate no less - for quite a few of these groundbreaking American arists. Haha, my Platters experiences were quite the tragicomedy - stumbling in late, and well, drunk, for a Christmas event at the US Ambassador's residence... and reinventing the Great Pretender classic as the "great bartender" gotta love it.
Its quite interesting how the "beat," so speak to goes on in places like Manila. I've become friends with many rock n roll veterans and how I wish they'd lend me some of their vinyl!
Most SE Asian cities had really vivid rock n roll scenes in the day - and continue to be excitingly musical to this day - and I suppose many of the scenesters are now sucessful business people now and can afford to indulge in some live-act nostalgia.
Also, cities like Singapore and Manila - and Hong kong - hosted quite a few top-acts in the day and they left their mark on the cultural consciousness as well as the music scene!
Yikes, let's not forget the incredible beat music coming out of Cambodia in the sixties!
Actually someone should write a book on this phenomena!
Thanks for your wonderful site - enjoying the tidbits very much!