22 December 2005

twiggy twiggy!

I adore Twiggy. I love everything about her - the hair, the clothes, the look. And Pizzicato Five evidently does so too!

Pizzicato Five - Twiggy Twiggy

Translated lyrics from Lyricsfreak

I was waiting for about three hours
My cat and i

At the time the phone rang
And I chatted away just like my cat
I turned down the tv and
Talked in a fake voice

In a twiggy mini-skirt
In a twiggy-like pose
In a twiggy mini-skirt
Skinny like twiggy, that’s me
Blow Up Doll has a rare Twiggy track available! Grab it while it's still there.


Davecat said...

Maki knows her Sixties supermodels proper. :-) I was just listening to 'Cà et là du Japon' a couple of days ago, oddly enough!..

guapo said...

love it!

Dan said...

Twiggy is quite a singer herself...... She released a few albums from 1968 to 1976, one more recently in 2004.