09 January 2006

"..kept awake on coffee and dreams of The Beatles"

I've just discovered the wonders of YouTube. And what a place it is, to get my Beatles video fix! There are plenty of crappy home videos to navigate through, but a careful choice of keywords can throw up wonderful search surprises. My favourite tags are: "beatles", "sixties", "60s", to name a few. Unfortunately the videos can only be streamed, but I would say the quality is not bad. And did I mention that membership is free?

Some videos I've enjoyed:
The Mersey Sound - Complete 1/2 hour documentary that aired on BBC in 1963, when no one knew yet if The Beatles would last.
Beatles Are Too Sexy - Beatles video clips edited to the sound of "I'm Too Sexy". A must watch! I don't care if it's cheesy.
The Beatles' Help! Intertel Video - I was actually going to post this same video, then I saw it already available here. Though the audio is not synched properly, the video just makes me smile.
Eight Days A Week (cartoon) - This appears to be a clip from their cartoon series.
Francoise Hardy & Jane Birkin, "Comment Te Dire Adieu" - There's more than just The Beatles.


Bruno said...

Thanks for the tip! :)

Dan said...

Theres allot of good France Gall vids up there -- even the entire announcement of her winning the '65 eurovision.

Shaun Wong said...

hey as a beatles fan you should really really get the Anthology DVD. Paid like $500 for the LD when I was 17, must've been really nuts then. Got the DVD version last Christmas and it even has the video for Real Love. Which made me weep.

modcentric said...

haha i've got the Anthology DVD set too! i'm not just a Beatles fan, I'm a Beatlemaniac. haha.