31 January 2006

young and mod

Before the Small Faces, Steve Marriott was a child-actor and struggling solo singer. This is his first solo single, released in 1963 at age 16. He sounds a lot like Buddy Holly here!

Steve Marriott - Give Her My Regards

Something to look forward to: A 3-disc Steve Marriott anthology... spanning his Small Faces, Humble Pie years, and much more!

Steve Marriott's official site here.
Another Steve Marriott site (with a top notch biography) here.
Read the Small Faces story at Room For Ravers.


Guuzbourg said...

He looks just like a young Mark E. Smith of The Fall.

guapo said...

It sounds a little like Adam Faith too! Wonderful!

Bruno said...

Hi,I found this early 70's lp by Belgian singer Nadja Summa,where she does "it's for you" and "something" by The Beatles,if you want them just let me know! :)

modcentric said...

i'd really like to hear them! could you send them to me? thanks! =)

Bruno said...

I'll send them to you asap! :)