26 February 2006

French Ye-Ye Photography Exhibition

UK readers take note! Currently on show at Birmingham's Snap Galleries is Jean-Marie Perier : Mes Annees 60
Photographs from the golden age of French pop
. Yes, French pop!

The exhibition features portraits of Ye-Ye girls like Francoise Hardy, France Gall, Sylvie Vartan, and the boys like Michel Polnareff and Jacques Dutronc. Amazing! Just the sight of the thumbnails here makes me wish I were in England right now.

Exhibition info here.
Jean-Marie Perier's official site.


sofia said...

Hi! I read your post about watching clips of The Beatles on YouTube, and being a total beatlemaniac myself I'm also 100% addicted to doing that :)
I was just wondering if you have seen the "Pyramus & Thisbe" - sketch performed by the Beatles 1964 on a British television programme?
Anyway, I tried to find it for a very long time, until I stumbled upon it on YouTube :)
It's absolutely hilarious, and the boys are all SO cute :)
If you use: beatles shakespeare skit as tags you should be able to find it :)

spikedcandy said...

damnit, what i would give to go to this exhibit...
may have to talk my sister into going and buying prints for me :)

djan said...


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