13 May 2006

call it Shanty!

Another instrumental! This is a repost request from YEYEOHYEAH. The Quests scored their first big hit in Singapore with this original composition, which stayed at the top of the charts for 12 weeks. Impressively, this tune has also been covered by other bands in Europe, when usually it's the other way around!

The Quests - Shanty (1964)

I must add that '"Call It Shanty!" The Story of The Quests' is a must-read! It is written by the man who wrote Shanty, the bassist of The Quests, Henry Chua, and also has background information on the music scene in Singapore in the Sixties. Order it here.

The Official Quests homepage, here.
Quests photos and very comprehensive background, here.

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Thanks so much for responding to my request for the Quests, it is much appreciated.
Its great to hear for the first time the original version of this excellent instrumental number and a nice bonus to hear the other Quests track too.
I will check out the website for sure for more info.
All the best