04 May 2006

off beat dance music

Buying thrift store records is sometimes like taking a shot in the dark, especially when I had never heard of the band/singer before. Like this record for instance - based on appearance, I was expecting the band to have a beat sound, like The Zombies, since their photo looks a lot like this one of The Zombies. As it turned out, the album consists of strange, cha-cha instrumentals like this tune:

Polar Five - Where's Your Mama Gone

This sort of genre (or sometimes refered to as 'off-beat' music) were popular in Asia in the Sixties, with bands like Polar Five and The Stylers performing cha-cha instrumentals of Western and local songs. I am guessing that Polar Five were from Hong Kong, like The Stylers.

Thrift Store Records has compiled some selections of off-beat dance music in a cd, available here.

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Weissman said...

Thanks for these. The Polar Five played my favorite song, "Indecipherable" (a popular title!), on the "Teen Dance Music From China And Malaysia" compilation. If you take requests, please post more from this group.