19 May 2006

Twice as nice!

Listening to a Stereo Total album is like opening a treasure box of musical treats. Among the energetic originals are cover versions of songs that can sometimes be as obscure as the one featured here. And all in a multitude of languages! French Ye-Ye seems to be a favourite of the band, as they've covered Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin among others. Personally I don't quite like their latest, 'Discotheque', because as its name suggests, it's a little too 'electro' for my taste. But their past albums, especially 'Monokini' and 'My Melody', are fantastic!

Stereo Total - Ringo, I Love You
Cher (as Bonnie Jo Mason) - Ringo, I Love You

Apparently Stereo Total was listening to this track on the Girls in The Garage comp, but at the wrong speed. Sure enough, their version is twice as fast as Cher's original. But twice as good!

Visit its official site, here.
Download an entire album worth of b-sides/rarities, here.


Davecat said...

Hey now, 'Everybody in the discotheque (I hate)' is destined to be a classic for its lyrics alone! :-)
But yeah, older Stereo total is better. They're just plain good all round!

Radiolux said...

Hi everybody. More free Stereo Total mp3 on Monokini, ST fan page :

Everybody in the discotheque is great, unfortunatly not from Stereo Total, but from Motormark. Cheeeeeeerrrrrz !