05 August 2006

"listen while I play, My Green Tamborine"

The Thunderbirds, accompanied by Heather! The band already had a string of hits including two originals - "My Lonely Heart" and "You Were Made For Me To Love", before they started performing with Heather Fitzgerald from 1967 to 1975. Today, Heather and some of the original band members have migrated to Australia, but a new Thunderbirds lineup featuring the original lead guitarist, Derrick Fitzgerald, continues to perform at the Carriage Bar, York Hotel (Singapore). They play a good setlist of oldies, which included "You Were Made For Me To Love" the last time I went to see them!

Heather and The Thunderbirds - Green Tamborine

Read an article on The Thunderbirds at Carriage Bar, here.


Bruno said...

That's a pretty amazing story!
I wonder if I can interest you in a version of "Hey Jude" by Spain's Marisol... :)

Anonymous said...

Great version . thanks for posting!
What's the title of the LP this appears on?


modcentric said...

bruno, that would be wonderful! i'll love to hear it.

b, this song is the B side to their single "Love Is Blue"

spikedcandy said...

Is that the same 'Love Is Blue' as Vicky Leandros, Claudine Longet etc?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, modcentric!
Do you have any release info on the 45 (label, catalogue #)? I can't find ANY mention of it on the www...


Bruno said...

Here's the link

modcentric said...

christine: yes it is! don't worry i'll be posting this version too.

b: the single was released on Philips label, and if i'm reading my record label properly, the label no. is 338 716-PF. it was locally recorded here in Singapore.

yes it's very difficult to find info on Singaporean 60's bands online! even in Singapore, such information is difficult to research because there aren't many books/materials on the subject.

bruno: thanks so much for the link! it's an interesting interpretation! i didn't expect her to sing in English.

Deborah said...

Hi Everyone
We are thinking of publishing all Heathers recorded Music on here- would you be interested? She has an amazing voice and was top female vocalist in Singapore more than once. We also have a collection of media releases from that time.
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