12 August 2006

mini Quests tribute on YouTube!

A must watch! This video tribute covers the early days of The Quests in Singapore, circa 1963-64, the Questsmania phenomenon, and all the way through their period in Hong Kong in the later 60's. Among those interviewed is the person who discovered The Quests, Daisy Devan, former A & R Manager, EMI Singapore.

In case you're wondering why there are no video clips of The Quests during their heyday, even though the band performed on countless tv shows in the 60's, there was a fire at the then RTS studios at Caldecott Hill years back, which destroyed most of its archives. So all we have left are the reunion shows, records, and memories!

Video posted by Joe Wu, from Friends of The Quests forum.

1 comment:

MarkO said...

Cool clip, too bad all the original footage was lost.