28 October 2006

Meet My Little Airport!

My Little Airport, Hong Kong's indie pop sensation, was recently added to Elefant's stable of artists! In Hong Kong, their first album, "the ok thing to do on Sunday afternoon is to toddle in the zoo", was sold out within two weeks of its release. Come December, Elefant will be releasing "Zoo is sad, people are cruel", a fourteen-song compilation of songs from their two albums. My Little Airport sings in both English and Chinese. Technically, their brand of indie pop is simple and no-frills. But there's no denying the charm of their cute lyrics/song titles and earnest vocals!

My Little Airport - My Little Banana

Read Elefant's press release, here.
My Little Airport's official site features more songs for download. Check them out, here. (hint: click on the headphones icon on the main page for one track, and get the rest of the mp3s on the 'album' page)


R. said...

Hm... Am I the only to enjoy this? Because this sort of pop makes wonderful sense to me. Reminds me of the fun casio/blip-blop/etc. pop fad that swept the cutest corners of indiepop some years ago and the fact that I'm currently not having a blast in matters of indiepop (forgive me), except for the odd release. But this is a record I will look forward to.

R. said...

Hi Mod :) Guess you've checked out Land Of Ill Earthquakes also signed by Elefant. Very exciting pop. The songs I've heard so far so remind me of Aisler Set it thrills the socks off me. Hope all is well :)