28 November 2006

shake and shimmy with Lucky Soul

Guardian Guide describes Lucky Soul as “Melodies as colossal, memorable and irresistible as a stampede of elephants bearing down on your tent.” With a sound more soulful and honest than The Pipettes, it's clear that Lucky Soul is not just another wannabe on the "1960's-Phil Spector" bandwagon. This is taken from their upcoming EP, Ain't Never Been Cool, released 11 Dec 06. I'm not the first to describe Lucky Soul's music as "shimmering, perfect pop", but I can't think of any other phrase that describes them better!

Lucky Soul - Struck Dumb

Listen to 'Ain't Never Been Cool' on their Myspace, here.
Watch their first single (and sparkling debut), 'Lips Are Unhappy', here.
Lucky Soul's official site, here.


spikedcandy said...

Absolutely wonderful band, nice to see them getting some love on here. I think 'more soulful and honest' is a fair way to compare them to the Pipettes, even though I love the Pipettes too. I think people get disappointed approaching the Pipettes as a 60s girl group second-coming, which they're unfortunately (and lazily) hyped as. The influence is there, but it's strongly filtered through indie and 80s pop.

kurt is dead said...

yeah ...great band. i have that Lips are Unhappy single.
nice :)

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