25 February 2007

Del, Peter and Gordon

Peter and Gordon's hit song "World Without Love" is a song I admire greatly. It's classic Paul McCartney all over. I haven't heard too many covers of the song until I recently came across this cover by Del Shannon. Interestingly, one of Shannon's compositions, "I Go To Pieces" gave Peter and Gordon a US Chart hit. Del Shannon, might have been an early rock and roller, but he was clued into the changing pop music trends - he was the first American artist to record a Beatles song (From Me To You, 1963).

Del Shannon - World Without Love
Peter and Gordon - I Go To Pieces

Del Shannon's official website, here.
Peter and Gordon's official website, here.


Le chpoum said...

Hi ! There's a french cover by Sheila, entitled "Un monde sans amour" on her 6th EP.

nice blog, by the way !

Anonymous said...

I don't care
What they say
I won't stay
in a world wihtout love!

Brilliant! :D

Chang Kang

JennyStench said...

so bummed that the older links to songs say wrong password and don't work. I'm in love with this blog. Thank you!