24 April 2007

Charming Chantal

French New Wave classic Masculin féminin has been on my must-watch list for the longest time. After all, it stars French Ye-Ye girl Chantal Goya, and Jean-Pierre Léaud, of whom I'm quite a fan. I finally got a chance to watch it recently, and it was definitely worth the long wait. More than anything, its a good time capsule of Paris in the 1960s. On the DVD version I saw, Chantal's lyrics were translated in the subtitles, and you could see how they made sense in the film.

Chantal Goya - Si tu gagnes au flipper

A very comprehensive bio on Chantal Goya at chachacharming, here.
The film was re-released theatrically in 2005. Visit the official site, here.
A scene from the film on youtube, here. (no subtitles)

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