29 May 2007

Can't afford Dara Puspita vinyls?

Dara Puspita's records are notoriously expensive. I can't afford any of their records myself. Just look at this copy, going for US $315.00! I think their records are very overpriced, jacked up because of the demand for "exotic asian psych sounds".

Fortunately, you can actually listen to Dara Puspita tracks on YouTube! These amazing gems were uploaded by DJ Anchovy. Some of the clips were uploaded as early as January this year, but I only stumbled on them by accident this afternoon. Anchovy says: "This is for the curious who want to enjoy their sounds but can't afford the high price tags. It is also dedicated to all snobbish record collectors who won't share..."

Dara Puspita Jang Pertama LP (all tracks from Side 1), here.
Dara Puspita Green Green Grass LP (all tracks from Side 1), here.

Click here to check out all the wonderful, wonderful tracks posted by DJ Anchovy.


sid presley said...

I found that DJ Anchovy also sells copies of the music at gemm.com for $14.99, which also includes the Han River Angels and some more.

I'm never snobby about trading. I wonder if I have anything he'd like???

BTW I got those two Pujaan Pop 60'an CD's today. Can't believe they came so quick (about 5 days from Malaysia)! It's apparent that many songs were recorded from vinyl, and just like the Recollecting Singapore 60's volumes, this one's got songs from the 70's and newer! Regardless, I think they're pretty awesome, and they'll make a fine addition to my ever-growing collection.

Bernardo said...


I found your blog today searching for Dara Puspita. Used one of the covers for my blog because I will share 'Rudi' of Dara Puspita in my series about Indo Rock (Dutch R&R of mostly Indonesian groups who emigrates to Holland in the 50's. Take a look: http://www.yesterdaysgold.blogspot.com/

I have about 20 tracks of Dara Puspita and I will share them in some other volumes. You have a nice blog. I will follow you from now on.

By, By, Bernardo from Holland