17 June 2007

Tag cloud and more!

string me up

I'm going to try something new. As you can see on the right column, I now have an awesome looking tag cloud. Having lots of categories will allow me to blog on more than just my 60s music research. Rest assured, it'll still be a focus, but I'll try to cover more music-related ground as a blogger. And maybe I'll post about other things that interest me. But don't worry I'm not going to start camwhoring! The way I see it, if you've stuck around with my blog this long, we probably share similar likes anyway.

For easy browsing, I've categorised all of the past posts (all 237 of them!) though I got lazy at the end and hence most of them are grouped under 'Sixties'. That's not far from the truth, except for the odd indie pop band I featured.

1 comment:

Ivan Chew said...

To paraphrase a line from Ranganathan's Five Laws of Library Science: "The blog is a growing organism". It's natural for the blog to grow and evolve. I think so long your focus is still on music, it's still within the scope of your blog.