27 June 2007

These Boots Are Made For Walking!

I haven't bought any vinyls from eBay in the longest time, because shipping costs can be a problem. So I was pleased to pick up 3 Quebec Ye-Ye singles for a bargain recently. The records just arrived in the mail, so here straight from its packaging... I present to you Dominique Michel's rendition of Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher (These Boots Are Made For Walking).

Dominique Michel - Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher

If you've already heard Eileen's version, how do you think this one compares? I think this is a lot less "garage-y". Dominique's cutesy voice adds a Lolita flaire though.

The fab photo above is taken from Retro Jeunesse 60.
The song even has a Wiki page!


spikedcandy said...

I agree with your comparison with Eileen. Dominique's voice certainly is cutesie! Great to hear another version. I once saw another little- known cover version on Ebay by a Danish garage band called the Lions, which I'd love to hear. It went for a pretty high price, unfortunately.

Eiffel said...

I have another version by another Quebec ye-ye girl. Her name is Muguette. Do you want it?

Eiffel said...

I've forgotten if you want the Muguette's song, contact me at:

Eiffel said...

It's me again. I found another version of: Ces Bottes... by a quebec ye-ye:Renée Martel.

Contact me: eiffel50@oricom.ca

the benevolent general krull said...

i have both eileen's and renee martel's versions of this song. my favorite is eileen's because of the garage sound, but renee has a very nice voice and pulls it off with less musical accompaniment.