31 August 2007

Breakaway Girls!

What do Lynda Graham and Ethna Campbell have in common? Both artistes had The Breakaways on backing vocals during recording sessions. Like Nina Stern of the previous post, both ladies have limited discographies. Ethna Campbell released 2 singles in 1964 before reappearing again in the 70s as a folk singer. I can't find much information on Lynda Graham, except her discography on 45-rpm.org.uk, which states she released 3 singles between 1962-1964.

Ethna Campbell - Girls Like Boys
Lynda Graham - Wait and See

Ethna Campbell's discography at 45-rpm.org.uk, here.
Lynda Graham's discography at 45-rpm.org.uk, here.


Böljan said...

That Ethna Campbell track was really great. Thanks!

modcentric said...

Glad you enjoyed it!