06 October 2007

Coronation Street's Wild Child!

I just purchased 'Let's Go With Joe Meek's Girls' (via emusic) yesterday, and was immediately caught by the first track, Jennifer Moss' Hobbies, which I played repeatedly several times. I wanted to blog about her, so this morning I found her Wiki page. And discovered that the 1 year anniversary of her passing was just a week ago. Freak coincidence!!!

Jennifer Moss was a British actress and singer, best known for her role as wild child Lucille on the long-running soap opera, Coronation Street (which also starred Peter Noone). She ventured into pop singing, releasing Hobbies, in June 1963, but though catchy, it missed the charts. Moss also appeared in the beat movie, Live It Up! (1963), singing Please Let It Happen To Me. All her tracks were produced by imaginative British record producer, Joe Meek.

Jennifer Moss - Hobbies

Jennifer Moss' orbituary in Guardian Unlimited Arts, here.
Another article from the Telegraph, here.
Jennifer Moss on IMDB, here.

On another note, I'm very keen on exploring more of Joe Meek's productions. He's been said to be UK's answer to Phil Spector. This is an interesting article on Joe Meek, here.


Anonymous said...

I've heard alot of Joe Meek's stuff and love most of it. I think the best compilation of his work is a double cd put out by Sequel called The Joe Meek Story : The Pye Years. Get it you will be blown away. cheers, d.t.

modcentric said...

many thanks for the recommendation! i'll go and check out that title.

bdan said...

Meek is one of my absolute favorites. All of the music he produced carries his signature sound. Other excellent comps are the oop Hard To Believe comp, and the new Freak Beat one is pretty good. Basically, you just can't go wrong. Definitely get your hands on I Hear A New World!!!! I read they are making a movie about Joe, can't wait.

L said...

Yes, isn't that a great compilation (Let's Go - Joe Meek's girls)? Thanks to the others for their recommendations - will have to check them out. Some real gems; just discovered them.