22 October 2007

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

This girls might have no relation to John Lennon, but they do a fine Beatles cover! I'm thinking it may be time for another batch of Beatles covers. More to come!

The Lennon Sisters - I Want To Hold Your Hand

The Lennon Sisters on Wikipedia, here.
Unofficial Lennon Sisters site, here, with lots of pictures!

Youtube Find

Check out this very kitschy cute performance of 'Something Stupid':


Anonymous said...

hi georgiana, great stuff ur having here! i especially dig the rts singapore talentime post and the idaly sisters post.. wow pardon me, but i really thought that those were tracks by western groups if u hadn't plugged in the information. heh anyways, thank you for the comment, we appreciate it! We had a gig recently at home, for john peel day, were u there?? i can't seem to put a finger on how u look like still leh? u very mysterious one lah. dont be shy lahhhh

anyways, we are working with music for good under noise singapore to do 2 tracks of a cd compilation for noise artistes. we are recording ' and she said' and 'at the cosmo'.. we really tried to push for the third song (heh the one u like) but aiya the quota is only 2.. but we are hoping to release an ep in the coming months.. more posts please groovy georgiana! esp rts ones!!


Quasimodo (Dan)

modcentric said...

hello! heh actually those songs i posted by idaly sisters and rts singapore talentime are covers. you're right, the originals were by western artists. i like cover versions! =)

yup i was there at home club! but you guys left like right after the gig right??

ok! i look forward to hearing 'and she said' and 'at the cosmo' recorded!

L said...

Also by The Lennon Sisters is the great cover of My Favorite Things, featured at the beggining of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Anonymous said...

oh , doesn't matter that its a cover as long as it sounds great =) Hey! How come we didn't see you.. Don't hide hide next time leh.. Yeah we had to go off soon after. mysterious georgiana hurhur..

secure tabs said...

holy mother! they still alive? I mean since this girls singing has passed...I can't remember it becuase in that moment I even not exist!