11 November 2007

Olivia Newton-John!

Olivia Newton-John was 18 when she cut her first solo single, the very stomping and garagey "Till You Say You'll Be Mine" for Decca Records in England in 1966. She had an even earlier start to show business however, as she had formed an all-girl band, Sol Four, at aged 15 and soon was a regular on Australian television and radio shows. She got her first recording break after moving to England. Jackie DeShannon had flown to England looking for singers for her songs, and decided that her song "Till You Say You'll Be Mine" would go to Olivia.

Olivia Newton-John - Till You Say You'll Be Mine

An interesting article on the early recordings of Olivia Newton-John and Karen Carpenter, here.
Olivia's Wiki page, here.
You can download the B side to this single, "For Ever", at the More Than Physical blog, here.


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