09 December 2007

Jackie and Jill!

A girl group rarity! Jackie and Jill were on the Parlophone label, like The Beatles, and that might explain their Christmas novelty song - "I Want the Beatles for Christmas". According to this list of Parlophone releases, this single might have been their only other release. If anyone has any information on Jackie and Jill, do share!

Jackie and Jill - Who's There


Anonymous said...

Great song - definitely cheered me up this morning!

Thanks a lot for sharing.
Too bad it's cut short at the end - is this fixable?


rockin'n'rollin' said...

It's a pity for the cut it would be great if you can fix it, but however very thanks for the rarity!

Anonymous said...

I co wrote with David Whittaker both A and B sides for this record. I was 16 when I was signed to EMI's then publishing company Ardmore and Beechwood. It was my first ever song released. Not a big hit but it picked radio play and tv slots for Jackie and Jill and got me into the mainstream business. Real name Gerry Hargrave(yes wrongly spelt on the lable!) Later performed and produced under the name Gerry Gill and currently singing and writing as Dominic Yarns - my best known Google persona.

Anonymous said...

Re. the previous post. I was the writer of "Who's There" and the AA side "Loved By You". Thanks for this post of nearly 4 years ago. I'm wanting to present the 2 titles to Parlophone for getting this single released on a 60's CD compilation. It's one that has slipped the net over the years. The download you posted has a level change and is clipped at the end. Do you still have the original single?
contact Gerry @ wowuk@hotmail.co.uk
Many thanks for the posting and hope to hear from you..