27 December 2007


It's certainly a slew of posts in the past week! I can't resist sharing this gem of a song, off the 2 Days In Paris soundtrack. The song was written and performed by French actress and filmmaker, Julie Delpy, together with Nouvelle Vague. As she shares in this interview, over here: "I co-wrote a song with a band named Nouvelle Vague, which is actually a really good French band, and it was the way that I financed all the music in the film, all the songs playing in the background," Delpy tells FilmStew. "Because if I gave (a song) to the music company that works with the financing company in Germany who financed the film, then they would pay for all the songs in the film".

Nouvelle Vague feat. Julie Delpy - LaLaLa

Check out the soundtrack at Amazon, here.
Julie Delpy on imdb, here.
More on Julie Delpy at Wikipedia, here.
Official Nouvelle Vague website, here.
2 Days In Paris official site, here.


spikedcandy said...

love this track - bought it on emusic.
happy new year!

modcentric said...

yup i got it at emusic too! was so pleasantly surprised to find it there.

happy new year! =)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, just got out of watching the movie here in New Zealand, couldn't get song out of head, and here it is!

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