21 December 2007

modcentric recommends!

These days, fans of 60s girlgroup obscuria needn't depend on vinyls alone, when there's so many compilations and reissues out there! Whether or not they are readily available at your nearest music megastore is another story. But then, there is always eBay and Amazon. I know that there are blogs a-plenty with free downloads of full compilations (out of print or otherwise), but I honestly believe that sometimes it's worth shelling out for girl group compilations, if only for the liner notes! =)

Two girl bands from awesome cds I have in my collection!

Daughters of Eve

An all-girl garage band from Chicago! This article from Spectropop tells it best. This track is taken off Ace Records' high recommended comp, 'Girls With Guitars'. I love almost all the girl group compilations Ace Records put out. Their liner notes are always second to none! If you like 'Girls in The Garage', 'Girls With Guitars' is worth tracking down.

Daughter of Eve - Help The Boy


A recent cd purchase that I have no regrets about - 'More of Cake'. "Three sassy NYC girls wrote baroque folk, psychedelic madrigals and blue-eyed soul with rock attitude." This cd puts together Cake's only two LPs in a gorgeous package with lots of photos in the liner notes. Its a mix of psychedelia, R&B, and pop sensibility. They even have an 'official' Myspace page, here!

Cake - World Of Dreams

Youtube Finds!

The Cake performing 'You Can Have Him', 1968


spikedcandy said...

great! thanks for digging up a cake video on youtube, didn't know there were any. i wonder why that was on e! channel?

L said...

Great stuff!! Thanks.