23 December 2007

Nancy Sit a go-go!

Nancy Sit was a popular teen idol in the 60s, recording numerous albums. She is also a respected television actress. I suppose in many ways, renewed interest in her 60s recordings can be attributed to compilations like Girls In The Garage. It's a similar story for acts like Rita Chao and Sakura. She even has Myspace presence!

Nancy Sit - Sugar Town

More Nancy Sit tracks in this fantastic post over at Garage Hangover, here.
Nancy Sit's Wiki page, here.


Lam Chun See said...

Bumped into her in 1970 in Penang and blogged about it here.

"An interesting thing happened in Penang. At the hotel we stayed in, there was a stir in the evening around dinner time. It turned out that an up-and-coming teenage a-go-go star was also staying (or performing) at the hotel. Some of the girls in our tour group got very excited and wanted her autograph. Can you guess the name of the singer? Answer - Nancy Seet."

modcentric said...

Woah! That's really cool! Thanks for sharing. =) Did you get her autograph too?