18 January 2008

The Applejacks!

The Applejacks were part of the British beat group scene with a Lennon-McCartney castaway to their name ("Like Dreamers Do"). Perhaps part of their cool factor is the fact that they had a female bassist (just as The Honeycombs had a female drummer)! Read more about Megan Davies, here. "Tell Me When" was the band's first single and an instant hit. I love the photo above (very apt, with the apples and all) but sadly that "Special Price" sticker spoils it!!!

Applejacks - Tell Me When

Sample Applejacks' clips, over here.
More about The Applejacks, here.
Their discography at 45-rpm page, here.

Youtube Find!


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litlgrey said...

Man, you didn't look hard enough!



modcentric said...

thanks for that link litlgrey! i still prefer the photo of the band with the apples though.. =)

Anonymous said...

i hear what you're saying about the "special price" sticker. but i dunno, it's kind of a cool sticker!

rateyourmusic is great for images, if you login you can get them pretty hi-res sometimes. :)

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Phoenix said...

I didn't know there were any in mainstream pop acts all the way back then! She is awesome, even if she was just a gimmick for their otherwise boring look-alike-guys-in-mod-suits band :P

I sell stuff for bass players at my store btw...

Olli said...

Every band should have a female bassist. ;o)
I reckon the price stickers is cool as it is indicative of the era as much as the album artwork etc.
I am researching The Honeycombs for my website www.thehoneycombs.info I'm starting to want to find out more about the Applejacks now as well.