27 February 2008

New Episodes!

Yes I know there's been a serious lack of posts here lately. But I have two new unpopular radio show episodes up for download, if you haven't already heard them.

Episode 3 (12 Feb 2008)
- Featuring Naomi & The Boys, The Crescendos, Rita Chao, Yang Mi-Ran & He5, Broadway Hush, Kylie Minogue, The Caravelles (see pix above), and more!

Episode 4 (26 Feb 2008)
- Featuring Sonny Bala & The Moonglows, Zhang Xiao Feng, Patrina & The Melodians, Nana Kinomi, Persephone's Bees, Chantal Goya and more!

I make it a point to play lots of local 60s music each show, so hopefully that's an incentive to tune in!


Kevin said...

Any chance you could put these in your mod-ified music podcast so we can listen to them automatically?

modcentric said...

yes that is possible. will update once i've uploaded them onto the podcast server.

Bryan said...

I am currently listening to episode #3, and quite enjoying it!

Lucy said...

what was the french band you played in episode four? great episode!

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L said...

Wow, what a totally wonderful and cool Web site you have here. Regrets that I discovered it so late in the game, but better now than later. Yes, I agree, My Little Airport is terrific. And while I've never come to appreciate Asian music, some of their rock/pop cover tunes are great. And the record covers themselves, as you rightly point out, are worth the price of admission by themselves. Thanks for the time and dedication to presenting and sharing all of this.

GMaupin said...

We just found your site a month ago and it's changed our house. Any chance you may still have a playlist for the Feb 26 show?

Thank you

Abigail Bukai said...

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