23 March 2008

Wilson David and The Moonglows

Wilson David had the title of Singapore's Elvis Presley. For a while, he was backed by The Quests, and together they put up many stage acts, such as at Goodwood Park Hotel. In 1964, Wilson David and The Quests were invited to audition with EMI, but in the end, only The Quests were signed up (and they recorded their first single, 'Shanty'). Nonetheless, Wilson David later went on to record under the Philips label. In this single, he's backed by fellow label-mate The Moonglows (featuring my late granduncle Sonny Bala on lead guitar). This song is an original composition of Robert Suriya, lead guitarist in Naomi & The Boys.

Wilson David & The Moonglows - Cold and Lonely

In case you haven't checked this out before - clips from an interview I conducted with Vernon Cornelius (of The Quests) in 2006. He talks about the vibrant 1960s music scene.


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