10 June 2008

Holiday In A Totebag!

A chance find in Bangkok. I thought this was a compilation at first (and the cd came bundled with a cute tote bag too), but Melting Holidays turned out to be a twee pop band from Japan. And their lead singer has a whispery voice, exactly like Kahimi Karie! Their last album was released in 2005, but they have contributed to several compilations since. While I'm at it, I must say that Smallroom label is a Thai indie pop fan's dream, as they locally distribute tons of international indie acts (lots of twee pop eg. Elefant releases) besides Thai indies. Do keep a lookout the next time you visit Thailand.

Melting Holidays - Rainbow, Rainbow

Melting Holidays on Wiki, here.
And their official website, here.


Mich said...

i frequent your blog, and i had to say that i am glad you chance found these guys. melting holidays is one of my fave japanese indie acts along side hazelnuts chocolate, 800 cherries and plus tech squeeze box, etc. if you need any tunes in this vein, lemme know.


Anonymous said...

I just purchased their CD after hearing "Rainbow, Rainbow" from your blog. I've never been excited about a current band in a long time as much as I am with them. I've recommended Melting Holidays to friends and they all love them. A wonderful find, keep up the great work.