01 June 2008

Mod-ified Music Ep 10 - Local by Locals

My latest radio show over at unpopular.radio is a must-listen for all those who enjoy local 60s Singaporean pop. As many of you would have realised, it was popular for Asian acts in the 60s to cover international hits (eg. Nancy Sinatra, The Beatles, etc). But there were also Singaporean acts who chose to cover other local acts. So in this episode of Mod-ified Music, you'll hear covers of Naomi & The Boys, Shirley Nair (above), and others. It's Singaporean music covered by fellow Singaporeans. How cool is that?

Download here:
Mod-ified Music Ep 10

Mod-ified Music show on unpopular.radio runs every alt. Tues at 10pm-11pm (SG time). Do tune in Live if you have the chance, elsewise you can download the recorded episode from the unpopular.radio site by the following week. The next show is on 3rd June.

To download my previous episodes, check out unpopular.radio's Broadcast Repository here.

1 comment:

JohnnyGerms said...

Wow! That was the best podcast I've heard in a really long time. Maybe your best yet. I'm going back through right now to see if I can catch all of the song titles. Thanks for sharing.