06 September 2008

Easy Rider...

Because I can't read Chinese characters, when it comes to deciphering names of singers and song titles, I'm lost. Hence when picking my choice of blogging material, it's always easiest to stick to recognisable covers of pop songs, or at the very least, singers with English names. In this example, I don't know the singer's name, but this is too awesome a cover not to share! And check out that terrific sleeve art!

It Never Rains On Southern California


hopeman said...

hi georgiana, i am a fan of your blog. had been away for some time and just a music request here if u do not mind. i had lost a copy of the mp3 of the zhang xiao feng's beatles cover of "i should have known better" way back in july 2006 as my previous pc crashed along with all the great tunes i had gotten from your site. just to ask if it is ok that i can have another copy of the mp3 from u? my email is ckliang77@yahoo.com.sg and my yahoo messenger is of the same name. thanks a lot =) i had a music blog too at www.siriustunes.blogspot.com so hope u can check it out too =)

albert hammond said...

«it never rains in southern california» was a Albert Hammond hit (1974). «Easy rider» is from 1961. Something is wrong here...

fred davis said...

Great track! Better cover! Do you have any intention of posting the B-Side?

Nothing wrong here Albert, he's simply riding easy since there's no rain.

Jun said...

I am Japanese. and I can guess the meaning of these characters to some degree.
top="Cool Face Tiger"
middle="backing by The Travellers"
bottom=2 characters of the left, I think that it is singer's name. but I cannot pronounce it in Chinese. right 4 characters are "song from the movie".

Anonymous said...


You are such a nice person to give additional details to this track!

Thank You! ;D

Chang Kang

Anonymous said...

And yes! mr."albert hammond" shouldn't have taken things so literally.

I guess what modcentric is saying, is that the picture must have been inspired by Easy Rider. Yup!

Chang Kang

modcentric said...

thanks all for your comments! =) Jun, thanks especially for your help in figuring out the meaning of the singer's name.
the title of the blog post (Easy Rider) was simply a description of the cover sleeve, nothing complicated!

Jun said...

I researched the internet by the Top 3characters.
This movie was Hong Kong movies that had been taken a picture in Kyoto, Japan.(Wow!)
Japanese girl singer,Okada-Kawai also appear. You are recommended to search by "The Man Called Tiger" and "1973".

Anonymous said...

Jun,you're so great!
Title:Cool Face Tiger - 冷面虎
Accompaniment:The travellers - 旅者乐队伴奏
Singer:Fang Yu - 方羽

电影插曲 - this song is an episode
from a movie.

I'm chinese.hihi...


strbt said...

heres something to help you with chinese words from album sleeve.

what you need to do is
this site allows u to look up a word by counting the strokes of the chinese character.

for example the first word

this word has 7 strokes.

start by the left side. the 'water ' symbol you see 2 strokes.

and then count the right side of the character, 2 strokes for the 'roof' symbol.

and below the roof symbol.
3 strokes.

a total of 7.

now key that number in the box

Stroke Count Look-up
Character total stroke count:

and then the site will come up with a list of words that have 7 strokes.

do that one by one. and you will find the meaning of the words.

better way : ask a site visitor.
asians are mad for mod music!

tuning in since 2007

strbt said...

oh yes i forgot one thing.

in order to count the strokes. one got to remmber this list .
its called "bi -hua" (pencil strokes)

combining these will make up a Chinese character.

so if you take the second character for example.

mian3 , has 9 characters.

i hope this helps you. this site is great.

Andy Young* said...

Been following your blog for a while. I think it's pretty informative. Wonderful to have ebthusiasts like you blogging about Asian pop.
Hope you will visit mine sometimes.

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