04 May 2005

river of love behold

Two tracks from the soundtrack of the most beautiful film ever - Wong Kar-Wai's In The Mood For Love. I could ramble on about how every single frame is masterfully composed, from start to finish. And the colours! And Tony Leung! Fair enough, a number complain that they "don't get the film's meaning". In The Mood For Love doesn't have a character narrating the whole story and loose ends for you, unlike 2046. But I think that's the beauty of the film. You see it twice to understand the plot better and at the same time, you notice new elements of the richly detailed sets that you didn't spot before.

Ok enough, here're the tracks:
Yumeji's Theme - composed by Shigeru Umebayashi
Bengawan Solo - Rebecca Pan


IanB said...

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Cheers Ian
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modcentric said...

thanks! glad you liked the music =)

linet said...

hey i was wondering if you could repost 'yumeji's theme'? i'd really really like to hear it.

btw i've been readiing yr entries and i think you're preeeetty damn cool (=

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