22 June 2005

chick habit

Meet April March. Not only does she have the coolest stage name, her sound is best described as French retro pop. This from a singer who's from California, not Paris.

April March - Chick Habit


Spike said...

She's actually mostly from New Haven, CT, despite what her presskit says, and she currently resides in Cleveland (and Brooklyn before that- California was a long time ago-like Ren & Stimpy era).

I first met Elinor at a tag sale my mom was having when she was about 12. Then a few years later showed her around my high school (Wilbur Cross) when she was thinking of transferring there from private school (she didn't). In the early 90's I played guitar, then bass in the Pussywillows behind her in NYC.

Her Bertrand Burgalat produced records are pretty amazing. Especially that "Chrominance Decoder" one. He's like Esquivel meets Gainsbourg or something.

Nice blog!

spiked-candy said...

I agree, her Burgalat collaborations are superb. And kudos to her for her genius interpretation of this song. The changed lyrics brilliantly keep the spirit of the song more than an exact translation into English would.

Hey there, modcentric - I'm a regular reader of this blog, and wanted you to know I've just started my own blog, and have linked to you. :)

IanB said...

Wicked POP !!!!

modcentric said...

glad everyone liked the track! =)