30 June 2005

phantom planeteer

Guess who got the OC Season 1 box set? 27 hours of teenage melodrama - I'd been waiting a long time to get this.

When one thinks of Phantom Planet, pop-ish but cheesy "The OC Theme Song" immediately comes to mind. Which is sad because there are quite a number of Phantom Planet songs that are anything but lame. Personally I think their glory days were when the band included drummer Jason Schwartzman (from Rushmore), and guitarist (now photographer) Jacques Brautbar, as their new sound is a bit too heavy and grunge for my liking. But still. This isn't a band to write off easily as teenybopper material. Then again, I might be biased. As after all, I once even had a Phantom Planet web shrine.

Phantom Planet - Break It Off
Phantom Planet - The Local Black And Red

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