22 October 2005

go Bernadette go!

Bernadette Castro - Get Rid Of Him

Available on Music For Pussycats cd - a nice compilation of girlsound rarities. Though the poor audio quality is a pity. I must say I like the cover art though.. like a vintage story book! Available at Aquarius Records.

Bernadette Castro has since gone into public service, as the New York State Park Commissioner.

Cha Cha Charming on another Bernadette track, 'A Girl In Love Forgives': "This is one of the few obscure girl group records that can compete with the Shangri Las' and Ronettes' unparalleled track records. Just how this song never charted is forever a mystery."

Anyone with the above song, let me know!


spikedcandy said...

Ooh, your blog looks beautiful!
Great track too.

Hmmm, now I have a craving for something lime-flavoured...

spikedcandy said...

PS - I liked the little trivia tidbit that she's now the NY state parks commissioner - how cool! It's usually hard to find out 'where are they now' stuff on these oldies singers. :)

Rorschach said...

"A Girl In Love Forgives" is indeed a fabulous track. I've got it on a comp of girl-groups-who-didn't-make-it which is a pretty interesting collection. Most of it is pretty derivative of Shangri Las, Phil Spector proteges (though with a triangle sometimes filling in for the wall of sound)and the odd Dusty Springfield imitation. It vasries from the amusing to the really rather good.
But the standout by miles is "A Girl In Love Forgives". Fine lyric, excellent tune/arrangement, great vocal and splendid production. Unlike the rest of the album it really is as good as pretty much anything you've ever heard of in the girl group canon.

But instead of becoming the star she deserved to be she became a Republican politician.
Oh dear.