25 October 2005


Niza is a Spanish band formed by Silvia (vocals, keyboards, programming) and Roberto (guitar, programming). Elefant Records describes their music as being "classy, sophisticated pop influenced by Brazil and France sixties".

Niza - Parasol

Lots of audio samples on the Elefant site.
And be sure to watch their videos as well. Very Sixties-cool! Don't you want their wardrobe and props?


ion said...

I just downloaded this from the Elefant site, so it's funny to see here it again. Is that a great label or what? Wish I could afford everything -- better increase my sophisticated pop budget

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! I was just waitung for this!!! Precious Jewels all at once! Thanx a lot, I'll surley enoy

Michael Vee