20 November 2005

Another 5 Days of Beatles Covers - Day 4

Now for a Beatles cover done in a different language. Formed by 6 siblings from Madagascar, Les Surfs recorded some nice French versions of hit songs. Here's one of them. Thanks to Yassine for this track.

Les Surfs - Adieu Changrin (There's A Place)

Every Les Sufs site I've found is in French! Thank goodness for Google's translate tool. Here's their official site.


guapo said...

thanks for this! I`ve got a great scopitone of them doing "If I had a hammer" and I always wondered where they were from!

modcentric said...

glad you liked it!

pedal said...

Oh, I love this one! I put it on a mixtape for a francophone Beatles-loving friend the other day.