21 November 2005

Another 5 Days of Beatles Covers - Day 5

Another cover from the A Hard Days Night album (incidentally, the Beatles' first album comprising entirely of Lennon/McCartney compositions!).

The Quests - Aku Kembali Lagi (I'll Be Back)

The Quests official site here. Of all the local Singaporean bands from the 60s, it's easiest to find cds of The Quests' recordings... perhaps because they were the biggest band of their time. More information about their latest compilation, Recollecting The Quests on the official site.

That concludes this 5-day special! But I have a compulsive obsession for Beatles covers, so I'm hoping to have another round soon. If you have any covers to recommend, let me know!


Anonymous said...

covers to recommend ... maybe this one?


Bruno said...

Nice! Thanks for another batch of Beatles covers!Actually the Surf's song is called "adieu chagrin".All the best,Bruno.

modcentric said...

hi bruno, thanks for that! and nice link, a. it's an interesting cover!